Ready Mixed Concrete


With more than 37 years operational experience, ARMCON has provided the Bahrain Construction Industry in excess of 10 million cubic meters of Ready Mixed Concrete.

Within this period, thousands of projects, large and small, have been successfully completed across the entire spectrum of construction for clients and specifiers, representing both public and private sectors of the industry.

The company operates with highly qualified and experienced management and skilled staff, as well as modern plant and equipment, in order to maintain its market position as one of the largest and most competent Ready Mixed Concrete producers in the kingdom of Bahrain.

In addition to the supply of conventional concretes, ARMCON is also well equipped, experienced and ready to provide solutions to meet the needs of our customers over a wide range of ready mixed concrete products.

ARMCON is targeting to operate a new Ready mix Plant facility at Hidd from 2020 onwards.


The RMC production facilities are situated within our main Ma’ameer complex, where the company operates two modern RMC production plants. Each of these units has a capacityin excessof 100M3/hour, through central plant mixers, giving a nominal output capacity of 2400 M3 per working shift of 12 hours.

The plant areas accommodate large ground storage bays for sand and aggregates and the production units themselves have overhead internal storage for up to 1500 tonnes of sand and aggregates, along with capacity for up to 1400 tonnes of cement and other cementitious materials. The units are also supported by water chilling plants and a flaked Ice production plant, with refrigerated storage facilities.

Aggregates are fed to the batching plants via an aggregate screening unit situated withinthe Ma’ameer site and if required to be used, sand is screened and washed at our sand processing plant located at Hidd.

Each of the concrete production plants is operated by skilled and experienced staff and each unit incorporates a fully computerized automatic batching system that maintains autographic batching records for all production.

Our ready mixed products are delivered to site via our fleet of truck mixer units, rangingfrom 6 to 10 M3 capacity, the number of units operated being variable, based on market demand. A very large proportion of our total production is placed by concrete pump and ARMCON offers its customers a full pumping service via our fleet of truck mounted pumps, which range from 28M to 56M boom length, or in certain situations by the use ofa static pump and fixed pump lines.


Conventional Structural and Nonstructural Concretes

In practice, a very large proportion of our total production is devoted to the supply of conventional structural and nonstructural concretes. Strength grades ranging from 5N/mm 2 through 50N/mm 2 are produced in masse using OPC type I and SRC type V cements. These mixes can be supplied at various levels of workability, w ith a wide range of chemical admixtures to suit the specific needs of the customer. The use of these grades is high, since they are generally offered to meet the requirements of commonly used specifications and standards that have been adopted by the local construction industry for general construction work.

In addition to these conventional grades, ARMCON can and does supply many other types of concrete to the construction market. Some examples of these concrete types are detailed below:

  • High strength concrete
  • High durability concrete
  • High workability & self compacting concrete
  • Fibre reinforced concrete (Polypropylene or Steel)
  • Lightweight aerated concrete
  • Dry lean road base

As there can be countless variants to concrete grades,even within a single product group,to accommodate specific situations and circumstances, the mix types indicated here are intended as an informative guide only, to illustrate some of the types of material that canbe supplied.ARMCON’s management team isalways pleased to discuss and advise on the specific concrete needs of our clients